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American Made

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 6:04:12 PM America/Denver

American made: this is a term that has literally faded into oblivion since the passage of the World Trade Organization Agreement with China in 2001. The worst part about it is that we have no one to blame but ourselves. We have taken away our manufacturing jobs, outsourced them to China, and continue to purchase the goods produced there. We should be disgraced, embarrassed, and ashamed of this fact. But this is not a problem that we can’t fix. It just takes us, collectively as a nation, getting off our cheap butts and taking a stand for ourselves. We are America. We stand up for ourselves at every turn. We even stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves So why should we allow this trend to continue?


Over 90% of the products sold in the world’s largest retailer, whose name rhymes with Schmalmart, are manufactured in China. Everything from televisions, to microwaves, to t-shirts, is produced in China. Obviously, my biggest beef, as an American manufacturer of clothing, is with the latter. The part that makes me the maddest is that we choose to shop in this big-box store because it is ridiculously cheap. WE CHOOSE TO. Since when did American’s become the cheapest people on the planet? Especially when saving pennies costs our friends and family members their jobs and forces political prisoners and children to manufacture the clothing we wear every day. Does that sound like the America you believe in? Furthermore, there are no labor laws, no unions, few if any safety standards, and next to no environmental standards to which China must adhere. They get to maximize profits at the expense of everybody in the world and we not only allow it, we support it. So to sum it up, we, collectively as a country, put ourselves out of work, bitch about the state of the economy, and then we turn around and buy the very products that put our people out of work, being produced by children and prisoners for pennies an hour, so that we can save a buck? We should be disgraced, embarrassed, and ashamed.


At the risk of sounding like a crazed lunatic, albeit this blog post is being written in a dimly lit manufacturing warehouse in Denver, I will continue on my diatribe. Since America has all but completely dismantled its manufacturing base to maximize corporate profits, we have turned to priding ourselves on being the “world’s innovators” and “technology gurus.” Essentially, we are the idea guys. I won’t argue this fact. I am a firm believer that Americans are the best and brightest. I’m definitely biased, but quite frankly, I don’t care. We spend millions on research and development of the latest and greatest ideas; ideas that will change the world; ideas that will make the world different and hopefully better for generations to come. We are better than the rest of the world at this. But then, we send our beautiful and world changing plans to where? To China; to China to be manufactured, effectively giving them the keys to the kingdom. They know all of our secrets. And being that they aren’t “idea guys,” logic would have it that they have to be “something guys,” and that something, I argue, is the “world’s greatest copiers and replicators”. Don’t believe me? Ask Google how it worked out for them after their source code was hacked, their intellectual property stolen, replicated, and then given to their Chinese competitor. Copiers and replicators. And we support it wholeheartedly.


So what can we do to fix this? How can we put the brakes on the biggest travesty in American industry since America started doing business? I’ll tell you what we at Guise Ink are doing. First and foremost, we refuse to use Chinese made products. We source locally whenever we can, using primarily American made t-shirts, tank tops, and underwear. When it is not possible to find the product we need manufactured in the US, we source from places outside China. We simply will not use Chinese products. Plain and simple. We also refuse to buy products made in China. This is no small task. I challenge you to read manufacturing labels the next time you’re in a retail store. And then think about this as you’re shopping: “every Chinese product sold here equates to an American losing his or her job, and losing the ability to provide for his or her family.” These are your friends, your family, and your neighbors. If you reflect upon that statement, and feel a-okay with buying that product, then by all means, please do so. But if you cannot stomach the fact that you are putting Americans on the street to save pennies, then shop small, shop local, shop American Made. Labels matter. Production matters. Let’s take back what is ours and buy products of which you can be proud. Make your money here, keep your money here. Let’s start a movement by hitting them where it hurts the most, with a solid punch to the wallet.


Guise Ink. You think it. We say it.

Posted By Brad Ginnett


Thursday, April 3, 2014 1:51:18 PM America/Denver

Hey y'all! The betch is back! I know all of my fans have been so disappointed I’ve been gone for so long...all 2 of you. But I’ve just been so busy you know...partying and ummm...drinking I suppose. NOT IMPORTANT. But I’ve had some things on my mind lately and one of those things on my noodle would be this thing called SEX. As many of you know, I am a picture of chastity and purity. Because it is no secret that I am a virgin...cough cough. But from what my "friends" tell me about their sexual encounters, there is a lot of interesting things going on down south. Now, as for a young “technically homosexual” man, there are (at the most basic) two types of gays, TOPS and BOTTOMS. If you are remedial and can’t put those together in your head, a TOP is someone who puts the pee pee in and the BOTTOM is an individual who is getting the pee pee put in them. Now that we have gotten out of the way, we can move on. AND LET’S BE HONEST, this shit applies to everyone, not just the gays, SO LISTEN UP Y’ALL! QUESTION #1: DOES SIZE MATTER? In my personal experience...I mean my close friends’ experiences, SIZE DOES MATTER. I may have heard the phrase “It’s not the size of the worm, it’s the way it wiggles.” BULLSHIT. FALSE. Size does matter. On the pitching end of it, if you aren’t big enough, how the hell can you even get it in and feel any sort of pleasure?! Doesn’t sound like fun to me. And on the catching end of things, if you’re going to have a foreign object wedged in your forbidden caves (whether that is your girl parts or your hershey highway) you might as well go big or go home! SORRY KIDS, if you ain’t packin heat, you can go ahead and pack your bags. #jknotsorry. NEXT. QUESTION #2: WHAT IS THE APPROPRIATE AMOUNT OF HEDGE TRIMMING ON THE SOUTH LOT? Let me tell you something, I believe that the downstairs should be treated like a well manicured lawn. You can’t let that shit grow and grow like the Amazon jungle. No one wants to have to use a machete to get to the holy grail. 1. It’s messy and yucky and 2. It’s going to be too difficult and people will give up. And you can’t just straight just tear out all the grass. Nobody wants to feel like they’re playing with children (if you know what I mean). And if you do, then you need some help, SON! But if you keep it prim and proper, trust and believe, you’ll have people posting up shop between your legs. QUESTION #3: WHAT THE F*CK IS SERFBOARDTING?! Well children, I just had the honor of finding out what this recent craze is. Thanks to QUEEN BEYONCE and her song ‘Drunk In Love’ off of her latest album, she has created a new position (or at least new to my knowledge) called ‘Serfboardting’. So what is it? I’ll walk you through step by step. Step 1: Find a bathtub. Step 2: Find a man willing to put his ding-a-ling inside of your danger zone. Step 3: Fill the tub up halfway with warm water. Step 4: Place the man inside the tub facing up, with his willy preferably erect. Step 5: Straddle said man’s crotch with your back side facing his face (reverse cowgirl) Step 6: Insert the male genitalia into whichever hole you prefer. Step 7: AND GURRRLLLLL RIDE THE MAN LIKE A SERFBOARDT!!!!!!! Enjoy.
Posted By Brad Ginnett


Monday, January 20, 2014 2:19:51 PM America/Denver


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Posted By Brad Ginnett

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